Appendix I – Alphabetical Lists of Servicemen

The following list was created from those tombstones located in Camden County where remains of black Civil War soldiers may be found. Each name is followed by the regiment and rank of the soldier, his place of burial and gravestone number and the source of confirmation.

These names have been confirmed by means of military registers of the various states of the Union and federal Pension Records filed at the National Archives. The abbreviation NA-GP stands for National Archives – Government Pensions Records followed by a number indicating which microfilm roll the name appears on. The state register information indicates the state of service, followed by a page number where the name was found.

In some instances two states may be mentioned indicating that at least two states took credit for the same person. This was not unusual since many New Jersey enlistees were enrolled at Camp William Penn in Pennsylvania and the latter state was credited with the enlistment. A list of all state registers used and where they can be found will appear at the end of this appendix. Although most states, both North and South, prepared registers after the War, in many instances these are incomplete with many states not including African American soldiers at all, and others, making no differentiation between white and black enlistees especially in the Navy.

A similar alphabetical listing of sailors will follow directly behind the Army list. Unfortunately, some veterans’ names could not be confirmed. According to Black Studies, A Select Catalogue of National Archives Microfilm Publications, (National Archives Trust Fund Board, U.S. General Services Administration, Washington D.C. 1984), in Record Group 94, Compiled Service Records, the problem is a common one: “Supposedly correct names of volunteer Union soldiers may not appear in the index for several reasons. First, he may have served in a unit from a State. Second, he may have served under a different name or used a different spelling of his name. Third, a proper record of his service may not have been made, or if made, it may have been lost or destroyed in the confusion that attended the initial mobilization, subsequent military operations, and disbandment of troops. Fourth, references to the soldier in the original records may have been so vague that it was not practicable to determine his correct name or the unit in which he served.”

Lastly, the condition of the stones themselves left much to be desired. Decades of bad weather have clearly taken a toll to the extent that many stones are partially or completely obliterated. Even the use of white chalk or carbon paper could not bring up many names. Although some names will appear in this index and will be confirmed thereafter, I was unable to find certain gravestones and therefore no cemetery number for location purposes will follow.

At the end of this Alphabetical Index I have listed those names which I have uncovered but as yet have not confirmed by way of the above process. Confirmation attempts are continuing. Name Regiment/Rank Cemetery- Confirmation (See App.VII)

Accoo, Charles Co.F,25th Regt. Mt.Peace(15) NJ p.l530

Adams, James H. Co.B,5th Mass.Cav. Mt.Pisgah(3) Mass. p.498

Alston, Anthony Co.E,24th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1018

Alston, Saul Co.B, Mt.Peace(4)

Amos, Charles Co.C,3rd USCCav. Jordantown

Amos, Henry Co.C,43rd Regt. Jordantown(4) Pa. p.1114

Anderson, Abraham Co.D,3rd Regt. St.Matthews(2)Pa. p.932

Anderson, Daniel A. Co.A,25th Regt. Jordantown(3) NJ p.l524

Armstrong, Joseph T. Co.C,32nd Regt. Butler(4) Pa. p.1052

Arthur, Charles Co.K,13th Md.Vol. Mt.Pisgah(17) MD. p.258

Bailey, John Co.H,3rd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.938

Baley, George Co.K,8th Regt. Mt.Peace(61) Pa. p.988

Bankson, Levi W. (or Barkson) Co.E, 25th Regt. Mt.Zion(1) NJ p.1529

Barnes, Charles (spelled Bones) Co.I,43rd ReOt./ Johnson NJ p.1559

Beckett, Andrew Co.A, 22nd Regt. Mt.Pisgah(6) Pa. p.ll26

Beckett, Charles H. Co.D,25th Regt. Johnson NJ p.1528

Benson, William Co.B,24th Regt. Mt.Zion(13) Pa. p.1014

Berry, Christopher Co.D,25th Regt. Johnson(9) NJ p.l528 Pa. p.1034

Berry, John Co.A,127th Regt. Mt.Peace(49) Pa. p.ll26

Bishop, George Co.E,3rd Regt. Mt.Peace(70) Pa. p.933 Bishop, Miles Co.K,25th Regt. Nt.Peace(71) Pa. p.1044 NJ p.1534

Bleem, Samuel 24th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1014 (transfer to Navy)

Boyer, John H. Co.H,30th Regt. Johnson NJ p.1511 Co.C,22nd Regt.

Brainard, Edward Co.C,22nd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.996

Branson, Charles Co.F,29th Conn. St.Matthews Conn.p.872

Brewster, Joseph Co.D,22nd Regt. Mt.Pisgah(2) NJ p.l512

Brisco, Alexander Co.C,9th Pa. Vol. Johnson NA-GP-52

Brisco, Jacob Co.E,25th Regt. Johnson(ll) NJ p.l529 Briscoe, John Co.C,6th Regt. Butler(2) Pa. p.950

Broden, James Co.K,22nd Regt. Mt.Zion(7) NJ p.l520

Brown, Charles H. Co.B,41st Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1071

Brown, Jerry Co.A,32nd Regt./Sgt. Mt.Peace(58) NJ p.l537

Brown, Pierce Co.F,3rd Regt. Mt.Peace(16) NJ p.1500

Brown, Sandy Co.C,25th ReOt. Jordantown Pa. p.1032

Brown, Stephen Co.G,24th Regt. Jordantown Pa. p.1020

Burk, James Co.A,8th Regt. Mt.Peace(25) Pa. p.970

Butcher, John Co.A,32nd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1040

Butcher, Sylvester Co.C,43rd Regt. Johnson NJ p.1554 ,Pa. p.1089 NA-GP-66

Butts, Miles Co.D,38th Regt. Johnson(4) NA-GP-66

Butts,William M. Co.B,37th Regt. Johnson NA-GP-66 Carper, Franklin Co.I,39th Regt. Nt.Peace(59j MD.p.282

Carter, Johnson Co.I,29th Regt. Mt.Peace(79) Conn. p.877

Chambers, Charles Co.G,25th Regt. Mt.Zion(2) NJ p.l532

Chambers, Thomas Co.G,6th Regt. Grant (3) Pa. p.958

Clark, James Co.D,24th Regt. Mt.Peace(17) Pa. p.1017

Collins, Benjamin A. Co.I,22nd Regt./Sgt. Jordantown(l) NJ p.l518 Pa. p.1006

Collins, George Co.E,25th Regt. Jordantown(5) Pa. p.1036

Collins, George Co.B,24th Regt. St.Matthews(6)Pa. p.1014

Collins, Joseph T. Co.H,25th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1041

Cook, Noah Co.H,25th Regt. Jordantown Pa. p.1041

Coward, William C. Co.A,22nd Regt./Corp. Mt.Pisgah(21) Pa. p.993

Craig, Andrew Co.H,24th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(24) NA-GP-101

Custis, Edward Co.K,2nd Regt.U.S. Colored Cav. Johnson NA-GP-108

Davis, John Co.I,22nd Regt. Mt.Peace(60) Pa. p.1007

Davis, William H.H. Co.A,9th Regt. Mt.Peace(73) Pa. p.970

Dayton, James Co.F,3rd Regt. Jordantown(13) Pa. p.935

DeGraff, William Co.E,22nd Regt. Mt.Pisgah Pa. p.1000

Demby, John Co.G,24th Regt. St.Matthews(7) Pa. p.1020 (also listed at Jordantown)

Dennis, John Co.G,7th Regt. Mt.Peace(85) MD. p.l74

Derry, Daniel Co.I,8th Regt. Mt.Peace(20) Pa. p.987

Devinburg, Jerome Co.G,41st Regt. Johnson NJ p.I547 Pa. p.1073

Dingle, Isaac Co.C,7th Regt. Mt.Peace(53) MD. p.l65

Dixon, Benjamin Co.E,43rd Regt. Mt.Pisgah(10) Pa. p.1074

Dodson, Henry; Co.B, 12RegVPrvt; Mt. Pisgah;NARA Film #M589,Roll24

Dorsey, Isaiah Co.F,3rd Regt. Mt.Peace Pa. p.935

Ellis, Russell; Co.D; 19th RegVCorp; Mt. Peace;NARA Film# M589, Roll 26

Emory, John Co.B,24th Regt. Mt.Peace(7) Pa. p.1014

Farmer, George Co.B,54th Mass. Mt.Pisgah(9) Mass. p.345

Farrel, John Co.D,25th Regt. Mt.Peace(68) NJ p.l528

Fisher, John Co.F,45th Regt. Mt.Zion(8) NJ p.l565 Pa. p.1116

Fisher, Nathan Co.F,22nd Regt. Johnson NJ p.l515

Fitchett, William Co.I,19th Regt. Johnson MD. p.228

Foster, Edward Co.I,25th Regt. Mt.Peace(57) Pa. p.1043

Gaines, John W. Co.F,54th Mass. Jordantown(14) Mass. p.365

George, Isaac Parker Co.D,29th Conn.Vol.Mt.Peace(9) Conn. p.868 (or Isaac George Parker, unassigned recruit) Conn. p.892

Gibbs, Joseph Co.K, 22nd Regt. Mt.Peace(l9) NJ p.l520NA-Regt.M584 R32

Gibbs, Theodore Co.D, 9th Regt. Mt.Peace(2) MD. p.l92 NA-Regt.M589 R32

Gibbs, Warner Co.C,19th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(27) ND. p.214

Gillard, David Co.G,12th Regt.-US Col.Hvy Art. Johnson

Goldsboro, William Co.H,22nd Regt. Mt.Zion(20) Pa. p.1005

Goodin, John H. Co.G, 25th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(14) Pa. p.1039

Gould, Robert Co.I, 3rd Regt. Mt.Zion AME(4) NJ p.l500

Green, John Co.K, 8th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.989 Green, William H. Co.A, 22nd Regt. Johnson NJ p.1507

Grisden, Samuel Co.E, 4lst Regt. Mt.Peace(ll) Pa. p.1068

Grose, Isaiah Co.F, 22nd Regt. Mt.Pisgah(18) NJ p.l514 Pa. p.1068

Guster, Robert Co.C, 8th Regt. Mt.Peace(12) Pa. p.974

Haines, Lorenzo Co.H, 32nd Regt. Jordantown(6) Pa. p.1061

Hall, William H. Co.H, 6th Regt./Sgt Johnson Pa. P.959

Hammond, Paul Co.E,24th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(23) Pa. p.1018

Handy, Francis B. Co.C,22nd Regt. Mt.Peace(13) Pa. p.997 NA-Regt.M589 R37

Haney, Henry Co.F,25th Regt. Mt.Zion(12) NJ p.l531 Pa. p.1038 NA-Regt. M589 R37

Hankerson, Charles C. Co.D,54th Mass. Mt.Zion(16) Mass. p.355 NA-Regt. M589 R37

Hankin-, Samuel Co.C,25th Regt. Johnson

Hargest, Robert Co.G ,28th Regt. Mt.Peace(38) NA-GP-199NA-Regt.M589R37

Hardcastle, James Co.C,25th Regt. Butler(l) NA-GP-198

Harmon, Painter Davistown(2)

Harris, Henry H. Co.B,25th Regt. Johnson NJ p.l526

Harris, William Co.F, 41st Regt. Mt.Peace NJ p.l599 Pa. p.1079

Harrison, Abraham H. Co.B, 43rd Regt. Mt.Zion(4) NJ p.l553 Pa. p.1088

Hart, James H. Co.K,25th Regt. Mt.Peace(86)

Henry, Josiah Co.D,9th Regt. Mt.Zion AME(10) Md.p.192

Hines, Thomas H. Co.E,24th Regt. Mt.Peace(10) NA-GP-218

Hinson, George Co.E,7th Regt. Mt.Peace(77) MD. p.l70

Hopkins, Mitchell C. Co.G,24th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1020

Horsey, Minus Co.D, 25th Regt. Jordantown Pa. p.1034

Howard, Peter Co.B, 5th Mass.Cav. Jordantown(9) Mass. p.500

Howard, William Co.H, 23rd Regt. Jordantown Mass. p.360 104

Hubert,Solomon Co.D, 7th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(25) MD. p.168

Hugg, Caleb Co.A, 41st Regt. Mt.Pisgah(28) NJ p.l545 Pa. p.1068

Hutt, Benjamin Co.K, 6th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.963

Ingram, John Co.K, 25th Regt. Jordantown NJ p.l535 Pa. p.1045

Ingram, Nathan Co.H, 22nd Regt. Jordantown Pa. p.1045

Ingram, William Co.H, 22nd Regt./Corp. Jordantown Pa. p.1045

Jackson, Andrew Co.K, 2nd Regt. NJ Cav. Mt.Pisgah(7)

Jackson, James Co.A, 43rd Regt. Mt.Zion AME(6) NJ p.1552

Jackson,John L.Co.A, 31st RegVPrvt; Jordantown; ,Roll 45 NARA Film #M589

Jackson, Peter Co.E, 24th Regt. Mt.Peace(43) Pa. p.1018

Jackson, Samuel Co.H, 25th Regt. Johnson NA-Regt.M589 R45

Jackson, William Co.D, 22nd Regt. Mt.Zion(9) NJ p.l512

Johnson, Alfred H. Co.B, 8th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.972

Johnson, Festus Co.C, 45th Regt. Mt.Peace(89) Pa. p.lll2

Johnson, George Co.H, 24th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1021

Johnson, George Co.K, 8th Regt. Mt.Zion AME(8) NJ p.l505

Johnson, James H. Co.I, 22nd Regt. Jordantown(lO)NA-GP-245

Johnson, Robert Co. D , 25th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1034

Joiner, Moses Co.C,25th Regt. Mt.Peace(l) Pa. p.1043

Jones, Cato Co. B, 11th US Col’d Hvy ArVPrvt; Jordantown; NARA Film #M589, Roll49

Jones, Charles H. Co.E, 25th Regt. Johnson NA-GP-247

Jones, Henry W. Co.B, 8th Regt. Johnson NA-Regt.M589 R49

Jones, Thomas Co.F, 6th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.956

Jones, Thomas B. Co.B, 32nd Regt. Mt.Peace(22) NJ p.l537

Jones, William Co.H, 3rd Regt. Mt.ZionAME(9) Pa. p.938

Jones, William H. Co.K, 8th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.989NA-Regt.M589 R49

Jordan, James Co.I,25th Regt. Jordantown(8) NJ p. 1533

Jordan, William Co.D, 24th Regt. Mt.Peace(54) Pa. p.1017

Jubille, Samuel Co.K, lst Regt. US Col. Cav. Johnson NA-GP-245

Kelly, David Co.B, 25th Regt. Johnson PA. p.1013

Kenton, Arthur S. (CW GAR Marker) Mt.Peace(94)

Lambert, Theodore Co.G, 25th Regt. Jordantown NJ p.l532 Pa. p.1040

Lewis, Andrew Co.B, 6th Regt. Jordantown Pa. p.958

Light, Alfred S. Co.E, 32nd Regt. Johnson NJ p.1540 Pa. p.1057

Lodine,George Co.H, 22nd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1005

Lodine, Jonathan Co.G, 32nd Regt. Mt.Peace(82) Pa. p.1060

Long, Julian Co.B, 30th Regt. Jordantown(ll)

Lout, Israel Co.F, 5th Mass.Cav. Jordantown(2) Mass. p.517

Lowe,James W. Co.E, 45th Regt./ Corp. Grant (5)

Lowe, James W.;Co. B, 29th RegVPrvt; Grant;NARA Film #M589, Roll 55

Luff, William C. Co.G, 22nd Regt./Corp. Lakeland Pa. p.1003

Manoll, Charles Co.E, 6th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.955

Mapp, George Co.I, 2nd USCCav. Davistown

Marshall, Joseph Co.K, 24th Regt./Musician Mt.Peace(50) Pa. p.1024

Martin, Edward (or Edwin) Co.A, 43rd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1086

Masey, Garrett Co.K, 25th Regt. Mt.Peace(37) NJ p.lS35

Matthews, George Co.C, 25th Regt. Mt.Peace(76) Pa. p.1032

Menoken, George S. Co.K, 5th Mass.Cav. Johnson Mass. p.533

Menoken, James H. Co.F,32nd Regt. Johnson(12) Pa. p.1063

Miller, John;32nd Reg; Johnson; CWSS

Mitchell, Albert Co.B, 24th Regt. Johnson NJ p.1523 Pa. p.1014

Monroe, Henry Co.C, 4th Regt. Mt.Peace(8) Pa. p.1073

Moore, Cubit Co.H, 43rd Regt. Mt.Zion(15) NJ p.l558 Pa. p.llOO

Murray, William H. Co.D, 45th Regt. Butler(6) NJ p.l563

Neil, George W. Co.H, 23rd Regt. Johnson NA-GP-246

Nelson, Henry Co.F, 24th Regt. Mt.Peace(14) NA-GP-246

Nicholas, Daniel Co.C, 41st Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1074

Nutter, Jacob Co.K, 32nd Regt. Mt.Zion(5) NJ p.1543 Pa. p.1064

Paine, John H. Co.C, 2nd Regt. Mt.Peace(91)

Payne, John Co.C, 3rd Regt. Mt.Peace(48) Pa. p.931

Perkins, Thomas Co.D, 25th Regt./ U.S.N. Johnson Pa. p.1035

Peterson, Theophilus; 24th Regt;Johnson, CWSS

Pierce, Jacob Co.D, 25th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(l9) Pa. p.1035

Pierce, John Co.E, 6th Regt. Butler(5) Pa. p.955

Pinkett, Thomas H. Co.E ,4th Regt. Mt.Peace(5) MD. p.143

Place, Whalen Co.H, 25th Regt. Johnson NJ p.1533

Postles, Peter M.D. Co.M, 2nd Regt./US Col.Cav. Johnson NA-GP-377

Pratt, Joseph H. Co.E,13th Regt./Sgt. St.Matthews(4) Md.p.246

Pratt, Thomas M. Co.D 22nd Regt. St.Matthews(1) NJ p.1512

Prattis, Reuben Co.F, 43rd Regt. Johnson NJ p.1556 Pa. p.1095

Priar, John Co.F, 127th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1134

Price, Horace Co.K, 9th Regt. Mt.Peace(24) MD. p.205

Price, Joseph E. Co.I, 54th Mass. Johnson Mass. p.862

Purnell, George Co.E, 9th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(22) MD. p.l95

Purnell, Peter Co.E, 9th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(12) MD. p.l95

Quinn, James M. Co.C, 24th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1016

Ramsey, Henry C.; 25th Regt;Johnson; CWSS

Rawson, Henry Co.A, 24th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1013 Ray, Frederick J. Co.B,127th Regt. Johnson NA-GP-385

Ryan, John;118th Regt; Johnson: CWSS

Shaw, Timothy E. Co.C, 43rd Regt. Davistown(l) NJ p.l554 Pa. p. 1090

Shipley, Edward B. Co.F, 3rd Regt. Jordantown Pa. p.1003

Shooler, Nelson (CW GAR Marker) Mt.Zion(22)

Short, John Co.K, 6th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.964

Short, Prince Co.G, 25th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1039

Short, Purnell Co.K, 25th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1046

Shortes, James A. Co.E, 22nd Regt. Grant (1) NJ p.l513

Simmons, John Co.I, 43rd Regt. Mt.Peace (65) NJ p.l559

Simpson, James E. Co.D, 41st Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1077

Singleton, John H. Co.F, 41st Regt. Mt.Peace(44) NJ p.l549

Small, Alonzo Co.B, 43rd Regt. Mt.Zion AME(7) Pa. p.1088

Small, George Co.E, 9th Regt. Mt. Peace Md. p.l95

Smith, Albert Co.A, 41st Regt. Mt.Zion AME(3) NJ p.l545

Smith, George Co.E, 24th Regt. Mt.Peace(56) Pa. p.1019

Smith, John Co.F, 32nd Regt. Mt.Peace(36) NJ p.l541

Smith, John W. Co.C, 25th ReOt. Mt.Peace(63) NJ p.l527

Smith, Joseph Co.A, 22nd Regt. Mt. Peace(27) NJ p.l507

Smith, Samuel Co.A, 41st Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1074

Smith, Samuel A. Co.H, 22nd Regt. Johnson(17) Pa. p.1022

Smith, Wm. Henry Co.B ,41st Regt. East Berlin(l) Pa.p.1072

Smith, William H. Co.I, 22nd Regt. Johnson(8) NJ p.l519

Smith, William H. Co.A, 39th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(15) MD. p.204

Spriggs, Jefferson Co.B, lst Regt. Mt.Peace(78) NA-GP-447

Stephens, John L. Co.K, 22nd Regt. Mt.Zion(14) NJ p.1520

Stevens, John W. Co.D, 5th Mass.Cav. Johnson Mass. p.509

Stewart, Benjamin H. Co.H,32nd Regt. Mt.Peace Pa. p.1061

Stewart, George H. Co.G,54th Mass. Johnson Mass. p.372

Still, Charles Co.A, 24th Regt. Mt.Zion(21) Pa. p.1013

Still, Charles A. Co.H, 45th Regt. Mt.Peace(23) NA-GP-454

Still, Edward (CW GAR Marker) Mt.Zion(ll)

Still, Isaac Co.K, 32nd Regt. Mt.Zion AME(5) Pa.p.1063

Still, Josiah Co.M, 3rd Regt. Mt.Zion(10) Pa. p.939

Still, Samuel St. Matthews(5)

Still, William Co.E, 14th Regt./R.I. Hvy Art. St. Matthews RI p.687

Stout, Nathaniel Co.K, 32nd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1064

Struthers, John Co.D, 45th Regt. Johnson NJ p.1564

Taylor, William Co.B, 6th Regt./Sgt. Mt.Zion AME(ll) Pa.p.918

Thomas, John W. Co.H, 24th Regt. Mt. Peace Pa. p.1022

Thompson, Elisha W. Co.I, 24th Regt. Mt.Peace(69) Pa. p.1023

Thompson, Thomas H. Co.D, 41st Regt. Jordantown Pa. p.1077 (also listed at Johnson)

Thornton, Randolph Co.C, 3rd Regt. Jordantown(7) Pa. p.931

Till, Anthony Co.H, 6th Regt. Mt. Zion Pa. p.961

Tillman, Albert Co.E, 41st Regt. Mt.Peace(52) NA-GP-474

Tingle, Robert; Co. H, 29th RegVPrvt; Jordantown; NARA Film #M589, Roll 87

Tunnel, Gabel Co.K, 25th ReOt. Johnson Pa. p.1046

Turner, William; Co. C, 26th RegVPrvt; Jordantown, NARA Film #M589, Roll 88

VanDyke, Benjamin Co.I, 32nd Regt. Johnson(15) NJ p.l543 Pa. p.1063

Vickers, Edward Co.E, 8th Regt. St.Matthews(9) Pa.p.947

Voorhees, Jacob; Co. L, 2nd US Col’d Cav/Prvt; Mt. Peace; NARA Film 589, Roll 89

Walter, George Co.K, 32nd Regt. Mt.Peace(21) Pa. p.1065

Ward, George W. Co.B, 39th Regt. Mt.Pisgah(5) MD. p. 267

Warren, Andrew Co.H, 25th Regt. Grant (2) Pa. p.1042

Washington, Augustus Co.I, 25th Regt. Jordantown(15)NJ p. 1534

Washington, Robert Co.K, 22nd Regt. Mt. Peace NJ p.1520 Pa. p.1010

Waters, Charles Co.H, 5th Mass.Cav. Mt.Peace(55) Mass. p.527

Watson, Charles Co.B, 25th Regt./ Johnson NJ p.1525 Musician

Watson, Wilson Co.I, 3rd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.941

Watters, Thomas F. Co.K, 25th Regt./1st Sgt. Mt.Peace(46) NJ p.l534

Wayman, Charles Co.B,22nd Regt. Johnson Pa. p.996

Wayples, Charles Co.G,25th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.1040

Weaver, Samuel S. Co.K,20th Pa. Cav. Jordantown(12) NA-GP-503

Webb, Arthur Co.H,lst US Cav. Mt.Peace(26) NA-GP-503

Weeks, James T. Co.G,3rd Regt. Johnson(16) Pa. p.937

Weldon, Henry Co.G,127th Regt. Johnson(6) Pa. p.1135

Wells, John J. Co.E,38th Regt. Johnson NA-GP-507

Wells, Joseph Henry Co.B,8th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.973

Wescott, Webster Co.G,34th Regt. Jordantown(16) NA-GP-508

West, Andrew Co.A,127th Regt. Mt.Peace(18) Pa. p.1128

White, Thomas Co.A,127th Regt. Mt.Zion(17) NJ p.l569

Whiting, David; Co. H, US Col’d Hvy ArVPrvt; Johnson; NARA Film #589, Roll94

Wilbanks, James Co.C, 45th Regt. Mt.Peace(87) NJ p.l563 Pa. p.lll2

Wiley, William Co.C, St.Matthews(3)

Wilkins, William Co.I, 43rd Regt. Mt.Peace(83) NJ p.l559 Pa. p.1103

Williams, George Co.H, 45th Regt. Johnson Pa. p.ll01

Williams, John W. Co.I, 22nd Regt. Hickstown(4) NJ p.l519

Williams, John W. Co.K, 22nd Regt. Butler(3) Pa. p.l008

Williams, Oscar Bugler Mt.Peace(72)

Wilson, Isaiah F. Co.F, 54th Mass. Grant (4) Mass. p.366

Wright, Isaiah Co.L, lst US Cav. Johnson NA-GP-537

Young, Alfred J. Co.G,3rd Regt. Johnson(l) Pa. p.937


Name Naval Rank Cemetery Confirmation

Anderson, John 2nd Class Boy Johnson NA-GP-9

Beckett, John J. Landsman Johnson NJ p.1672

Blake, John Steward Johnson MD. p.30

Bleem, Samuel Landsman Johnson Pa. p.1014

Bowman, Alexander Landsman Mt.Peace(64) MD. p.32

Briggs, William P. Landsman Mt. Peace MD. p.33

Brown, Samuel F. Landsman Mt.Peaee(51) ND. p.35

Butler, Osceola 1st Class Boy Mt.Peaee(34) MD. p.37 NA-GP-66

Carey, William Landsman Jordantown Mass. p.690

Christmas, Lewis Landsman Mt.Peace(93)

Clark, Solomon Landsman/from l9th USCT. transf. Johnson MD. p.41

Dix, Milton Cook Johnson(7) NA-GP-123

Drake, William A. Steward Johnson NA-GP-130

Duckery, James H. Landsman Mt.Peace(42) NA-GP-141

Faucett, Benjamin F. Landsman Mt.Zion(18) NA-GP-148

Fitzgerald, John P. Landsman Butler(4) R.I. p. 1117 Frank, John Ordinary Seaman Mt.Peace(74) R.I. p. 1119

Gibson, Joseph Landsman Johnson NA-GP-174

Gillen, John Landsman Johnson NA-GP-175

Gray, Joseph Landsman Mt.Pisgah(11) NA-GP-184

Green, Lewis H. Landsman Mt. Peace MD. p.58 Green, Richard Coal Heaver Mt. Peace Mass. p.100

Harding, George Landsman Mt.Peace(39) NA-GP-199

Heath, Peter Landsman Mt.Peace(35) NA-GP-208

Hegamin, William H. Ordinary Seaman Mt.Peace(75) NA-GP-209

Hornelson, N. Buck Landsman Mt.Peace(88)

Jackson, Samuel Landsman Butler NA-GP-238 T-1099 R13

Jones,Frederick Landsman Mt.Pisgah(1) MD. p.71

Jones, William Seaman Mt.Pisgah(13) NA-GP-250

Jordan, Isaiah Coal Heaver Mt.Peace(28) NA-GP-250

Lawson, John Landsman Mt.Peace( ) Lotley, Alexander Landsman Johnson NA-GP-288

Major, Isaac Seaman Mt.Zion(3) NA-GP-310

Mann, John R. Steward Mt.Pisgah(4) NA-GP-312

Manning, Walter M.; Landsman; Jordantown; CWSS (Born NY; Occ.mariner)

Martin, William T/F Landsman Johnson NJ p.1654

Moirtier,Albert Landsman Johnson NJ p.1657

Montier, Jeremiah Morgan, Henry C. Landsman Johnson(12) NA-T1099R21

Mundy, Benjamin Steward Mt.Peace(92) NA-T1099R21

McPerkins, Thomas Steward Mt.Peace(84)

Nash, Amos W. Landsman Johnson NA-T1099R21

Nelson, William B. Landsman Mt.Peace MD p.89

Newton, Rev. A.H. Landsman Mt. Peace Mass. p.487

Patten, Garrett Landsman Mt.Zion(l9) NA-GP-364

Peters, William S. Cook Johnson NJ p.1659

Pierce, Asa Landsman Mt.Pisgah(l9) NJ p.l659

Pitts, Sheppard Landsman Johnson NA-GP-373

Preston, John H. Landsman Mt.Peace(67) MD. p.94

Price, Charles Landsman Johnson NJ p.1660

Pruitt, Josiah US Naval Service Johnson

Richard, Thomas W. Steward Johnson NA-T1099R24

Riggs, George W. Landsman Sunset MD p.97

Riley, Isaac W. Landsman Mt.Pisgah(20) NJ p.1661

Robinson, Henry Ordinary Seaman Mt.Peace(29) NA-GP-399

Russ, Adam Landsman Johnson NA-T1099R24

Shields, John L. Landsman Johnson CONN. p.994

Simmons, Norman Landsman Mt.Peace(33) NA-T1099R431

Simons, David Landsman Mt.Peace(47) NA-T1099R25

Sparrow, Henry Landsman/ transfer Mt.Peace(9S) MD. p.107 from l9th USCT

Swain, Isaiah Landsman Mt.Peace(6) NA-T1099R27

Thomas, Richard W. Landsman Johnson(3) MD. p.lll

Thomas,Richard W.; Steward; Johnson;CWSS (age 48)

Watson, George H. Seaman Johnson NJ p.1622

White, John W. Landsman Mt.Pisgah(8) MD. p.ll8

Williams, John W. Landsman Johnson CONN. p.948

Willis, John; Mt. Peace; CWSS (Born Washington, D.C., Age 19)

List of those Soldiers/Sailors Not Yet Confirmed Arthur, Isaiah Mt. Pisgah

Arthur, James Mt. Pisgah Corney, Henry St. Matthews – USN Dauls’

Henry Albert Mt. Peace – USN

Hagarty, Thomas Pestletown ? – Co.F, 24th Regt./Sgt.

Hancock, Peter – St. Matthews

Hunter, Isaac Jordantown – Co.G, 26th Regt.

Mapp, George Davistown

Nicholas, Thomas Jordantown USN USS Princeton

Pratt, Josiah St. Matthew

Still, Samuel St. Matthews

Thomas, Richard W. Johnson USN USS Jamestown

Thomas, Richard W. Johnson – USN USS Independence Wescott, Augustus Jordantown – USN USS Princeton

Willis, John Mt. Peace – USN USS Princeton

Source Locations

The sources of my confirmations were found in a number of historical libraries, more specifially, the Camden County Historical Society, Park Blvd. & Euclid Ave., Camden, New Jersey; the New York Free Library, main branch and The Annex branch, New York City; the Civil War Library & Museum, l9th & Pine Streets, Philadelphia, Pa., and the National Archives, Washington, D.C.

The sources that should be consulted for further information are as follows: Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War. 1861 – 1865, Vol. II, William S. Stryker, AdjutantGeneral, Trenton, New Jersey: John L. Murphy, Steam Book and Job Printer, 1876. State of New Jersey Adjutant General’s Report of 1864-1865, Trenton:State of New Jersey, 1866.

Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army and Navy of the United States During the War of the Rebellion, Adjutant Generals Office, Smith, Camp, Barbour and White, Hartford, Conn.,The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1889.

Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion 1861 – 1865, Published by the Authority of the General Assembly. The Weaver Company, Akron, 1893,11 vols.

Revised Register of the Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion. 1861 – 1865, Augustus D.Ayling, Adjutant General, Ira C. Evans Printer, Concord, 1895.

Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors. and Marines in the Civil War, Compiled and Published by The Adjutant General, NorwoodPress, Norwood, Mass., 1933.

Record of the Massachusetts Volunteers. 1861 – 1865, Published by the Adjutant-General, Wright & Potter Printers, Boston, 1868.

History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer lnfantry. 1863 – 1865, Luis F. Emilio, The Boston Book Company, Boston, 1891.

Record of the Service of the Fifty-Fifth Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Press of John Wilson and Son, Cambridge, July, 1868.New York in the War of the Rebellion 1861 to 1865, Frederick Phisterer, Weed, Parsons & Company, Albany, 1890.

History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers. War of1861 – 5, Wilmer, Jarrett & Vernon, Vol. II, Press of Guggenheimer, Weil & Co., Baltimore, MD., 1899.

History of Pennsylvania Volunteers. 1861 – 5, Samuel P. Bates, Vol. V, B. Singerly, State Printer, Harrisburg, 1871.

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Official Register of Rhode Island Officers and Soldiers Who Served In the United States Army and Navy From 1861 to 1866, Published by Order of the General Assembly, January Session,1866.

A Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War, Munden & Beers, Nation Archives and Record Service, General Services Administration, Washington: 1962.




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