Appendix VI – Chew’s Camden City Directory 1872

Prior to the publication of a Camden County Residents’ Directory, the City of Camden published a directory every few years for use by its residents and merchants. I selected Chew’s Camden City Directory of 1872, available at the library of the Camden County Historical Society, in order to determine if any of the confirmed veterans might be alive and living in Camden during the postwar period. As a rule, non-white individuals were listed as “colored” to distinguish them from white residents of the same name or location. I must also greatfully acknowledge the assistance of Gail Greenberg, Camden County Historian, in putting together this list, as we labored together over the misspelling and similarities of names.

Armstrong John, “Colored”, Kossuth and Central Ave.

Bailey. John, “Colored”, Laborer, Newton Ave. E. of WJRR

Berry. Christopher, “Colored”, Gardener, Kaighns Pt. Ave.

Blake. John, “Colored”, Laborer, Chestnut below 8th also Blake. John, “Colored”, Laborer, 247 Spruce

Blee(n). Samuel, “Colored”, Hod Carrier, 265 Spruce

Briscoe. Jacob, “Colored”, Plasterer, Sycamore below 12th

Brown. Charles, “Colored”, Laborer, Kaighns Pt. Ave& 8th St., also Brown. Charles, “Colored”, Laborer, Rear of 210 Pine

Brown. P.H., “Colored”, Laborer, Kaighns Pt. Ave. & Ann St.

Brown. Pierson, “Colored”, Laborer, Kaighns Pt. Ave. & Ann St.

Carter. John, “Colored”, Rangesetter, 835 Locust

Clark. James, “Colored”, Laborer, 11th & Central

Clark. Solomon, “Colored”, Laborer, Chews Court

Davis. John, “Colored”, Hod Carrier, Rear 265 Cherry

Derry. Daniel, “Colored”, Coal Heaver, 265 Spruce

Fisher. John, “Colored”, Tombs Row, also Fisher John W., “Colored”, Waterman, back of 420 Mt. Vernon

Fisher. John W., “Colored”, Laborer, Tombs Row

Frank(e). John, “Colored”, Laborer, Chestnut above 10th

Gibson. Joseph W., “Colored”, Porter, 247 Division

Gillen. John, “Colored”, Laborer, 9th St. & Ferry Rd.

Handy. Frank, “Colored”, Laborer, 238 Division St.

Johnson. George, “Colored”, Laborer, 241 Spruce

Johnson. George. Rev., “Colored”, 243 Cherry

Jones. Henry, “Colored”, Laborer, Liberty above 6th

Jones. Thomas, “Colored”, Shoemaker, Newton St. E of WJRR

Jones. Thomas S., “Colored”, Ferry Road & Bem St.

Jones. William, “Colored”, Laborer, Liberty & 6th

Jones. William, “Colored”, Shoemaker, Kaighns Pt. Ave. & 8th

Jordan. William, “Colored”, Laborer, Kaighns Pt. Ave. above 8th

Lodine. George, “Colored”, Phillip St. & Ferry Road Lodine. John, “Colored”, Phillip St. & Ferry Road

Perkins. Thomas, “Colored”, Taylor & Van Hook Sts.

Pierce. Jacob, Colored”, Laborer, 233 Spruce

Pitts. Sheffield, “Colored”, Laborer, Chestnut below 11th St.

Quinn. James, “Colored”, Waiter, 244 Spruce

Rawson. Henry, “Colored”, Laborer, Sycamore St. above 11th

Richards. Joshua, “Colored”, Laborer, Newton St. W of Ann

Robinson. Henry, “Colored”, Laborer, 245 Division St.

Shields. John D., “Colored”, Hostler, 816 Locust

Simmons. Norman, “Colored”, Hod Carrier, Rear 210 Pine

Smith. John, “Colored”, Laborer, 11th St. & Ferry Road

Smith. John, “Colored”, Seaman, 238 Division St.

Smith. John R., “Colored”, Laborer, Ferry Rd.and11th St.

Smith. Joseph, “Colored”, Laborer, Newton St. above WJRR

Sparrow. Henry, Laborer, Phillip St. & Ferry Rd.

Watson. George H., “Colored”, Laborer, 253 Spruce

Weeks James, “Colored” Lamplighter, Hooley St. + Ferry Rd.

Wilkins. William, “Colored”, Engineer, 852 Locust

Williams. George, “Colored”, Seaman, 265 Division St.

William. John, “Colored”, Laborer, Baxter Alley & Sycamore

Postles. Peter M.D., “Colored”, Painter, Laborer, Carter and the first black Freeholder in Camden County.