Appendix IX – Listing of Soldiers by Company

Following is a list of regiments formed or organized at Camp William Penn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or in the Philadelphia area, with a breakdown of Company Rosters and those soldiers identified and confirmed through this study. I have also included those Camden County residents who served in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and the all black 5th Massachusetts Cavalry.

Third Regiment Infantry USCT

Company C. John Payne; Randolph Thornton

Company D. Abraham Anderson

Company E. George Bishop; James M. Raymond

Company F. Pierce Brown; James Dayton; Isaiah Dorsey; Edward B. Shipley

Company G. James T. Weeks; Alfred J. Young

Company H. John Bailey; William Jones

Company I. Robert Gould; Wilson Watson

Company M. Josiah Still

Sixth Regiment Infantry USCT

Company B. Andrew Lewis; Sergeant William Taylor

Company E. Charles Manoll; John Pierce

Company F. Thomas Jones

Company G. Thomas Chambers

Company H. Sergeant William H. Hall; Anthony Till

Company K. Benjamin Hutt; John Short

Eighth Regiment Infantry USCT

Company A. James Burk; Alfred H. Johnson

Company B. Henry W. Jones; Thomas Schenck

Company C. Robert Guster

Company I. Daniel Derry

Company K. George Baley; John Green; George Johnson; William H. Jones

Twenty Second Regiment Infantry USCT

Company A. Corporal William C. Coward;William H. Green; Joseph Smith

Company B. Charles Wayman

Company C. John H. Boyer; Edward Brainard; Francis B. Handy; Jacob Brown Rigby

Company D. Joseph Brewster; William Jackson; Thomas M. Pratt; Robert T. Robinson

Company E. William DeGraff; William Robinson; James A. Shortes

Company F. Nathan Fisher; Isaiah Grose; Nicholas Rollins

Company G. Corporal William C. Luff; ( Jeremiah Still was member of this Company and died at Fortress Monroe, Virginia, from wounds received in battle)

Company H. William Goldsboro; Nathan Ingram; William Ingram; George Lodine; Samuel A. Smith

Company I. Benjamn A. Collins; John Davis; James H. Johnson; George Scott; William H. Smith; John W. Williams

Company K. James Broden; Joseph Gibbs; John L. Stephens; Robert Washington; John W. Williams

Twenty Fourth Regiment Infantry USCT

Company A. Henry Rawson; Charles Still

Company B. William Benson; George Collins; John Emory; Albert Mitchell

Company C. James M. Quinn

Company D. James Clark; William Jordan

Company E. Anthony Alston; Paul Hammond; Thomas H. Hines; Peter Jackson; George Smith

Company F. Henry Nelson

Company G. Stephen Brown; John Demby; Mitchell C. Hopkins; Arthur Sample

Company H. Andrew Craig; George Johnson; John W. Thomas

Company I. Elisha Thompson

Company K. Joseph Marshall, Muscian

Twenty Fifth Regiment Infantry USCT

Company A. Daniel A. Anderson

Company B. Henry H. Harris; David Kelly

Company C. Sandy Brown; Samuel Hankins; James Hardcastle; Moses Joiner; George Matthews; John W. Smith; Charles Watson, Musician

Company D. Charles H. Beckett; Christopher Berry; John Farrel; Minus Horsey; Robert Johnson; Thomas Perkins; Jacob Pierce

Company E. Levi W. Bankson; Jacob Brisco; George Collins; Charles H. Jones; Perry Ross

Company F. Charles Accoo; Henry Haney; Thomas H. Sampson; Thomas B. Scott

Company G. Charles Chambers; John H. Goodin; Theodore Lambert; Thomas Ryan; Prince Short; Charles Wayples

Company H. Joseph T. Collins; Noah Cook; Samuel Jackson; Whalen Place; Andrew Warren

Company I. Edward foster; James Jordan; Augustus Washington

Company K. Miles Bishop; James H. Hart; John Ingram; Garret Masey; Purnell Short; Gabel Tunnel; 1st Sergeant Thomas F.Watters

Thirty Second Regiment Infantry USCT

Company A. Jerry Brown: John Butcher

Company B. Thomas B. Jones

Company C. Joseph T. Armstrong

Company E. Alfred S. Light

Company F. James H. Menoken; J.W. Roe; John Smith

Company G. Jonathan Lodine

Company H. Lorenzo Haines; Benjamin H. Stewart

Company I. Charles Reese; Benjamin VanDyke

Company K. Jacob Nutter; Isaac Still; Nathaniel Stout; George Walter

Forty First Regiment Infantry USCT

Company A. James Jackson; Edward Martin; Theodore Schenck

Company B. Abraham H. Harrison; Alonzo Small

Company C. Henry Amos; Sylvester Butcher; Timothy E. Shaw

Company E. Benjamin Dixon

Company F. Reuben Prattis

Company H. Cubit Moore

Company I. Corporal Charles Barnes; John Simmons; William Wilkins

Forty Fifth Regiment Infantry USCT

Company C. Festus Johnson; James Wilbanks

Company D. William H. Murray; John Struthers

Company E. Corporal James W. Lowe

Company F. John Fisher; William Saulsbury

Company H. Charles A. Still; George Williams

One Hundred Twenty Seventh Regiment Infantry USCT

Company A. Andrew Beckett; John Berry; Andrew West; Thomas White

Company B. Frederick J. Ray

Company F. John Priar

Company G. Henry Weldon

Fifty Fourth Massachusetts Infantry

Company B. George Farmer

Company D. Charles C. Hankerson; Joseph Rice

Company F. John W. Gaines; Isaiah F. Wilson

Company G .George H. Stewart

Company I. Joseph E. Price

Fifth Massachusetts Cavalry

Company B. James H. Adams; Peter Howard

Company D. John W. Stevens

Company F. Israel Lout; Edward Sawyer

Company H. Charles Watters

Company K. George S. Menoken