Appendix IV – Union Warship Records

In my review of research materials at the National Archives I discovered in the T1099 Series that, with certain naval enlistments, a record known as a “rendezvous” was kept which showed where that individual signed up. In certain cases the word “Negro”or “contraband” was affixed to the rendezvous report. Nine Camden County black Civil War sailors were listed in the T1099 Series.
The following information was taken from the microfilm records.

Butler, Osceola T-1099 Roll 4
Rendezvous 8/11/62 Muster roll Cimerron 4/1/65
Page MK 151
Record of Service. A. Houghton. Disc. 6/11/65 R.S. Phila.

Jackson, Samuel T-1099 Roll 13 Rendezvous 7/15/64 And Navy Dept. 181181-99
Date of Return: July 15, 1864
Page 8lEOV
Discharged: July 15, 1865
Record of Service – Reshipped July 15,1865 Disc.July 15,1866

Morgan, Henry C. T-1099 Roll 20
Rendezvous: New York
Date of Return: April 4/63
Page 164 – Part 1
Record of Service: Ticonderoga Disc.Mar. 18/64

Mundy. Benjamin T-1099 Roll 21
Rendezvous: Phila. Rec’g Ship Ret’n June 10/65Page: MK 385 Part 2
Record of Service: H.D. June 22/65 late Catskill

Nash, Amos W. T-1099 Roll 21 Rendezvous: Philadelphia
Date of Return: Feb.6, 1864
Page 79 Part 1
Record of Service: Galena Disc. 1-4-65, By Order

Richard, William T. T-1099 Roll 24
Rendezvous: Philadelphia
Date of Return: Oct. 22/64
Page 813 Part 5
Record of Service: Suwanee 1/28/65, Jamestown, Disc.3/66

Russ, Adam T-1099 Roll 24
Rendezvous: 4/8/62 4th Aud.#33737-94
Page MK177 Part 3
Record of Service:
J.L. Davis, Disc. May 18/65

Simonds, David (Note Spelling) T-1099 Roll 25Rendezvous: New York
Date of Return: Dec.26/63 Page 761/ Part 2
Record of Service: 1/30/64 Pot. Flo., Dragon, N. Car.
Disc. 5/31/64 Dec. 21/64 #77164-97
Swain, Isaiah (Isaac) T-1099 Roll 27
Rendezvous: State of Georgia Bim’1 Ret’n Enl. July 1/62
Page MK 302 Part 3
Record of Service: Wash Sta ~ Wm. Bacon, Disc.May 8/65

Appendix V

During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was created by the Federal government to address the massive unemployment problem plaguing the Nation. In 1937, the WPA came to Camden County to begin a project to ascertain and verify burial records. Under WPA Project #354-4 4445-4, the task was completed and the resulting records are on file at the Camden County Historical Society. This is not to say that the records are complete and accurate, but the information contained therein does give added information about the pre-1937 population. For purposes of this research, a random selection of black soldiers’ and sailors’ names found in the cemeteries of Camden County was used. In most instances, very little information was contained on the WPA card with the exception of a date of birth, possible place of birth and cemetery information. Sometimes, parents names are listed and the decedent’s occupation. This appendix will set forth the information given on the individual cards, for each confirmed veteran found.

Adams. James H. Born: 1844 Place:Mt. Pisgah Sec.l, Row 1, Grave 15

Alston, Anthony Born: 1845 Place:Johnson Sec. 5, Row 1, Grave 72

Anderson, John Born: 1847 Place:Johnson Sec. 5, Row 1, Grave 2 Enlisted May, 1863 – Discharged May 2, 1865

Armstrong, Joseph T. Born: 1837 Place: United States Died: 1/30/17
Arthur, Charles Born: 8/18/1836 Place:

Baley, George Born: 1846 Place: Mt. Peace Lot 373, Grave 1

Barnes, Charles Born: 1842 Place:
Beckett, Andrew Born: 1830 Place: Mt. Pisgah Sec. H, Row 7, Grave 16
Beckett, Charles Born: 1843
Benson, William Born: 1845 Place: Mt. Zion Sec. E, Lot/Row 2, Bk. 11

Berry, Christopher Born: 1835 Place: U.S.

Bishop, George (Note: 2 different cards with same name) #1 Born: 1839 Died: 12/4/24 #2 Born: 1836 Died: 1906 Same regiment on cards 1 & 2, Co.E, 3rd USCT Same Grave # at Mt. Peace
Bishop. Miles Born: 1836 Place: MarylandFather: John Mother: Hester Occupation: Hod Carrier
Blake. John H. Born: 1829 Place: MarylandFather; Daniel Mother: Esther

Bleem. Samuel Born: 1843 Place:
Father: Peter

Bowman. Alexander Born: 1837 Place: Pennsylvania
Father: John Mother: Maiden Name Milton Occupation: Minister Mt. Peace Sec. 3, Lot 872

Boyer. John H. Born: 1844

Brisco. Alexander Born: 1819 Place: Delaware
Father: John
Brisco. John Born: 1849 Place: (Note, this made him 12 yrs. old when Warbegan)

Brewster. Joseph Born: 1843 Mt. Pisgah Sec. I, Row 4, Grave 24

Brown. Charles H. Born: 1843 Place: Delaware
Father: James Mother: Sarah
Brown. Jerry (Jeremiah) Born: 1834 Place: Pennsylvania Father: John Mt. Peace Sec. 4, Lot 1131
Brown. Pierce Born: 1822 Place: Mt. Peace Lot 964, No. 1
Brown. Samuel F. Born: 1844 Place: Mt. Peace Lot 973, Grave 1
Burk. James Born: 1832 Place:Mt. Peace Lot 552, Grave 2
Butler. Osceola Born: 1841 Place: Mt. Peace Lot 543, Grave 4
Butts. Miles Born: 1841
Butts. William Born: Place: Virginia Occupation: Policeman
Carter. Johnson Born: Place: KentuckyFather: Harry Hicks

Chambers. Charles Born: 1844 Place: Mt. Zion Sec. D, Row 1, Grave 119
Clark, Solomon Born: 1842 Place: U.S.
Collins,Benjamin Born: 1836
Collins, George Born: 1846 Jordan Lawn Cemetery
Collins, Joseph Born: 1839

Coward. William C. (Note, 2 separate cards) Mt. Pisgah Sec. F,Row 1, Grave 18 Sec. 4,Row 8, Grave 40
Davis, John Born: Place: Mt. Peace Sec. 3, Lot 1162 Occupation: Laborer
Davis, William H.H. Born: 1845 Mt. Peace Lot 565, Grave 1

Dayton, James Born: 1841 Place: DelawareFather: James Occupation: Retired
Dennis, John Born: 1848 Mt. Peace Lot 99, Grave 2

Derry, Daniel Born: 1838 Dingle. Isaac Born: 1841 Place: Delaware Dixon. Beniamin Mt. Pisgah Sec. H, Row 3, Grave 16

Duckery, James H. Born: 1843 Mt. Peace Lot 565, Grave 3
Emory, John Born: 1844 Place: Mt. Peace Sec. 1, Lot 967 Father: James
Farmer, George Mt. Pisgah Sec. 3, Row 3, Grave 29
Farrell, John Born: 1834 Place: Mt. Peace Lot 759, Grave 1 Father: William

Fisher, John Born: 1846 Mt. Peace Lot 1077, Grave 3 (note: Mr. Fisher is buried at Mt. Zion, gravestone #8 on cemetery map)

Fitzgerald, John P. Born: 1838 Butler Row 6, Grave 38

Frank, John Born: Place: New Jersey Occupation: Junk Dealer
Gibbs, Joseph Born: 1840 Mt. Peace Lot 963, Grave 1
Gibbs, Theodore Born: 1840 Mt. Peace Lot 966, Grave 3
Gibbs, Warner Born: 1839 Mt. Pisgah Row 1. Grave 7
Goodin, John H. Born: 12/3/1841
Grisden, Samuel Born: 1845 Mt. Peace Lot 965, Grave 2
Grose, Isaiah Mt. Pisgah Row 2, Grave 10
Haines, Lorenzo Born: 1841 ~
Hall, William H. Occupation: Shys Keeper
Hammond, Paul Mt. Pisgah Row 4, Grave 9

Handy, Francis B. Born: 1844 Place: U.S. Mt. Peace Sec. 4, Lot 964
Occupation: Junk Dealer

Haney, Henry Born: 1831 Mt. Zion Sec. D, Row 2, Bk. 39
Hardina, George Born: 1820 Mt. Peace Lot 564, Grave 2
Hart, James H. Born: 1845
Heath, Peter Born:18(62)?- Mt. Peace Lot 559, Grave 1 Father: Ben Rogers

Hegamin. William H.
Born: 1825 Place: Pennsylvania Father: William Mother: Mary Ann
Hines. Thomas H. Born: 1836 Mt. Peace Lot 965, Grave 3
Hinson. George Born: 1841 Mt. Peace Lot 1098, Grave 2
Jackson. Andrew Born: 1830 Mt. Pisgah Sec. H, Row 7, Grave 17
Jackson. Samuel Born: 1845 Place: Virginia Butler Row 5, Grave 16
Jordan. William Born: 1833 Mt. Peace Lot 1012, Grave 4
Jordan, Isaiah Born: 1831 Place: Maryland
Jones, William Born: 1836 Mt. Pisgah Sec. 6, Row 2, Grave 4
Lodine. George Born: 1835 Place: Delaware Occupation: Laborer
Lodine, Jonathan Born: 1841 Mt. Peace Lot 1052, Grave 1

Major, Isaac
Born: 1839 Mt. Zion Sec.C, Row 3, Grave 127

Neal/Neil, George W. Born: 1840 Place: Washington D.C.
Father: Levi, Occupation: Laborer
Nelson, Henry Born: 1842
Pitts, Sheppard Born: 1844 Place: U.S.Father: Liddleton, Mother: Jane

Ray, Frederick J. Born: 1845 Place: New Jersey, Father: Richard, Mother Frances J.Occupation: Barber

Rice, Joseph J. Born: ? 54th Massachusetts
Simmons, Norman Born: 1844
Simons, David Born: 1844 Place: U.S. Mt. Peace Sec. 1, Lot 972, Grave 1, Father: David, Mother: Hannah

Sparrow, Henry Born: 1844 Mt. Peace Lot 399, Grave 1

Spriggs, Jefferson Born: 1843 Co. B, 1st Regt. Mt. Peace Lot 1146, Grave 4
Still, Charles Born: 1842 Mt. Zion Sec. B, Row 3, Bk. 17
Still, Josiah Born: 1846 Mt. Zion Sec. C, Row 4, Bk. 42
Swain, Isaiah Born: 1839 Place: North Carolina- Mt. Peace Sec. 4, Lot 904, Grave 3, Father: Horace

Tillman, Albert Born: 1844 Mt. Peace Lot 973, Grave 2
Webb. Arthur Born: 1839 Mt. Peace Lot 552, Grave 3
As part of this Appendix, special note should be taken of an earlier attempt by a local resident to record some of the history of the black community of Camden County. Charles C. Smiley authored A True Story of Lawnside. New Jersey in 1921. The work contained historical information about the community of Lawnside, its people, places of worship, schools, etc. Important to my research was a chapter entitled “Patriotism”, wherein Smiley listed some forty-six men from Lawnside who fought in the Civil War:

” The names of those who I am telling you of are:

1.Andrew Beckett
2.Willeam Bolden
3.Joseph Brewster
4.George brown.
5.Charles Chambers.
6.Alexander Coly
7.William DeGraff
8.John Emory
9.Benjamin F. Faucett
10. Warner Gibbs
11.Joseph Gray
12. William Green
13.Charles Griffin
14.Isaih Gross
15.Abraham Groves
16.Paul Hammond
17.Henry Haney
18. George Harrison
19.Henry Hubert
20.Alphonso Henry
21.William Jackson
22.John Lampkins
23.Henry Leggitt
24.Robert Munroe
25.Cubic Moore
26.Jacob Nutter
27.Garrett Patton
28.John Pennington
29.William Pennington
30.Henry Sadler
31.Nelson Sadler
32.John L. Stevens
33.George Shaw
34.Joseph Shaw
35.Timothy Shaw
36.Charles Still
37.Josiah Still
38.Anthony Till
39.James Tillman
40.Clinton Thomas
41.John C. Williams
42.Littleton Williams
43.Isaih White
44.Thomas White
45.Aaron Wright
46.Thomas Wright

Smiley makes special note that of the forty-six men who went to war; only five were still alive on Decoration Day, 1921. They were, Joseph Brewster, William DeGraff, Benjamin Franklin Faucett, John L. Stevens and Josiah Still. Many of the above names from Smiley’s list also correspond with the names on the Alphabetical list above, but I was unable to discover the whereabouts/ remains of the others. There is little question that a ground search of cemeteries in Burlington and Gloucester Counties wherein the black communities of the first half of this Century are buried would disclose the graves of many of these men as well and others.